We have a large heating platen measuring 1.2m x 0.9m capable of heating RohaCell sheets to their thermoforming temperature of around 190┬░C. This allows many shapes to be formed without the need for extensive machining.

In addition we have a strip heater 0.9m x 0.05m that has proven useful for simple work. To complement the heating platens we have several ovens for drying material.

There are several foam core materials on the market today that are capable of being thermo-formed into relatively complex shapes. Two of the market leaders are RohaCell and Airex. Whilst these foams are quite different they both have the same basic characteristic in that when heated to a set temperature they are capable of being formed and upon cooling will keep that form.

Airex can be formed at quite low temperature (about 100 deg C) where as RohaCell requires a higher temperature (180 – 200 deg C) but has the advantage that it can be autoclaved at 120 deg C as part of a conventional co-cure operation.

As specialists in this field we have developed a range of bespoke thermo-forming machines capable of manufacturing most parts.

For further information of this manufacturing process please contact us.

To help you understand the benefits of thermoforming better we have put together a short video showing the process.

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